How to Write an Effective Pentest Report: 5 Key Sections

What is a Penetration Testing Report?

A pentest report provides a detailed overview and analysis of the vulnerabilities discovered during the test. It includes a Proof of Concept (PoC) or steps that a user must follow to reproduce a reported issue successfully. The report also consists of the tester’s suggestions to guide the organization in its remediation efforts.

5 Important Sections in the Final Pentest Report

Executive Summary

Purpose: Provide non-technical readers with a high-level view of vulnerabilities and their impact.

Tools and methods

Purpose: Explain the tools used during the ethical hack and describe the step-by-step attack patterns you simulated.

Vulnerability Description

Purpose: Understand the likelihood of a vulnerability and how it may impact the organization.


Purpose: Guide the organization in fixing the identified issues before they can cause damage.


Purpose: Clarify the next steps.

  • To finalize this report, the risk score must be completed.
  • A retest is scheduled for Y to verify if remediations were completed and ensure compliance with this report.


Ultimately, the pentest alone does not enable companies to understand their security weaknesses or fix them and prevent cyberattacks. To achieve these objectives, they need a detailed report, one of the most important deliverables of every pentest. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your report contains all the necessary details describing your testing approach, the issues you identified, and the recommendations.



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